Hi! I’m Izzie, the negligent writer of this blog.

I love writing, and entertaining people with my chatter (both written and verbal), and FOOD!!!

For a semester, one of my majors was Culinary Arts, meaning I took the prerequisite class….meaning, I never actually took an official “FOOD” class. However, I LOVE thinking about food possibilities and crazy combinations that might taste good together.

Have you ever realized how much food brings people together? How important family time around the dinner table is [and it doesn’t have to be just dinner…breakfast, lunch, tea, midnight snack…ummm second breakfasts—do you get the point? Just gather round the table with some food and eat, fellowship, love one another.]

Most of the blog posts here are about food, however, since I am also an English major, you might occasionally come across a posting regarding literature. Maybe. :)

If you want to know the reason for the title of this blog [izziemakesyoudizzie] it’s simply that I thought it would make it rather apparent to the reader that there will be random postings, thoughts, ideas, and recipes written. You’ve heard the analogy of a girl’s mind being like a bowl of spaghetti where one idea is seamlessly connected with another (whereas a guy’s mind works like waffles….there’s a square for each thought and they don’t even connect–they also have a “nothing box”–and my imagination cannot seriously even fathom how you can be thinking of nothing…or is it not thinking of anything??!? I don’t know….). Anyways, that’s the reason for the name!

I hope you enjoy! Please comment with ideas, opinions, suggestions….you know, comments. :)

~izzie signature


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