Blackberry Joy

I have a new love. Blackberries.

Blackberry Joy

It’s a pretty healthy love, I think. Fruit is good for you, blackberries are a fruit; therefore, blackberries are good for you. Do you like my logic there? I thought you would. :)

It started [my love story with blackberries] last Wednesday morning. I went blackberry picking with some new neighbor friends.We ended up picking 20 some quarts. The farm we went to is about thirty minutes away from where we live; I think we’ll be going back there!

Little did she knew when she brought a “welcome-to-the-neighborhood-upside-down coffee-cake-in-a-bundt-pan”, but another neighbor supplied the first dessert option. Blackberries and whipped cream on top of a pecan coffee cake.

Blackberry Joy

Seconds, anyone????

Blackberry Joy

For dinner the night after that delicious cake and berries and cream and goodness, we opted for a simple blackberry fruit salad. So good that it doubled as both a dinner salad AND dessert.

Blackberry Joy


Of course, who wants to save the blackberries for the end of the day at dinner. Blackberry jam is also a fantastic thing to make. And more fabulous to eat. I’ll admit to eating the rejected foam from the blackberries as they simmered on the stove until they were jam worthy. And then,  I heaped it on a piece of warm, crunchy, buttery toast.

Blackberry Joy

Could breakfast get any more delicious?

I think not…

Blackberry Joy

Unless, of course, you have tea and toast!!

Blackberry Joy

So, there you have it. My most recent love. The blackberry.

Thankful for fresh blackberries!

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