Chicken Salad

Let’s be a vegetarian and an obligate carnivore at the same time. (I know if we were both than we would be called omnivorous, but personally, I think it’s cool to be two things at once.) Logically, my fun idea doesn’t work. If you’re a vegetarian, then you don’t eat meat; and if you’re an obligate carnivore, then you wouldn’t be eating anything that was from an animal. Therefore, my idea is ridiculous. (Aren’t you glad that you’re reading this? LOGIC??? and in the SUMMER???? Say what??? But don’t worry. It gets better, and by better I mean that I’m not going to explicitly point to the fact that I’m either being logical or being incoherent. You can figure that out for yourself.)

Since we’re not going to be either exclusively  vegetarian or obligat[ively] carnivorous, we can have a chicken salad. YUM!

My mom and I stopped by a little sandwich shop in the second story of an antique mall. It’s called the Crafter’s Mall and basically it’s just a store with lots of different vendors and they can sell whatever they’d like…I’m sure there are rules, you but you know what I mean. Well, the best part (in my opinion) of the shop is the upstairs cafe–the Lunchbox. I think it’s a darling name for a cute little place. It looks like a renovated attic [that’s because it is one.] They have strings of lights in the rafters, and they’ve taken old antique doors and created little dividing sections and “booths” with the doors by placing a table for two in-between two of the doors. It’s fun. The waitresses are friendly, always walking around making sure that your ice tea is full and that you don’t feel forgotten. They have a hummingbird cake with three layers. Unfortunately I have yet to try a piece of this infamous cake. I will wait until the 17th when I trust my mother will bring the leftovers from her luncheon there back home. She’s specially ordered one of the cakes.

One of the specials for the day was a chicken salad. At first, I thought of a mayo-bound chicken salad on some crusty bread. YUM! The waitress said it had strawberries in it–a summer specialty. Yes please! What kind of dressing did I want? Ohhhh it’s a salad chicken salad. Still sounded good. Balsamic Vinaigrette on top seemed the perfect dressing for this lettuce and spinach salad with chicken on it. Tang. It also had chopped walnuts. Depth. And grated parmesan cheese. Smooth. And of course, sliced strawberries. Sweet. Grilled chicken pieces. Calming. And then a bed of spinach and lettuce. Refreshing.

Here’s what I would do a little bit differently. I’d add some bleu cheese crumbles. Not a lot, but enough to create a symphony of different tastes/feelings/moods. If you think about it, bleu cheese has the smoothness of cheese, the depth of flavor that walnuts bring, the tang that the vinaigrette brings–but it’s all in one bite. It unites the flavors. Also, I’d add arugula because I love the peppery-ness that it carries with itself wherever it goes. It’s bold.

Chicken Salad+Bleu Cheese

Bed of lettuce, spinach, arugula

Top with….

chopped grilled chicken

sliced strawberries

grated parmesan cheese

crumbled bleu cheese

chopped walnuts

Mix up a Balsamic Vinaigrette (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, tuscan seasoning blend–or other blend of herbs of your preference) or use one that you’ve bought and drizzle on top.

Eat with some of that crusty bread that I was thinking about earlier.


Rejoicing in flavorful combinations and in His creation of fruits, vegetables, and meat,

~izzie signature


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