Happy Pi[e] Day

So, I’m joining in with all the rest of the peeps to talk about pie. I’m not even gonna pretend that I can talk about pi, except that it goes *ahem* 3.1415 and there’s a 6 somewhere up there, too. Also, I learned from my brother today that it’s an infinite number. I’m kinda blown away with that fact currently because I’ve never thought about a symbol/thing being infinite. I’ve thought about God being infinite, but not pi (and never have I thought about pie being infinite…though that’d be pretty sweet!)

Anyways. I LOVE love love love to bake. I’m so thankful for sweet tastes. :) So today was the perfect excuse to make a pie. Plus, it’s the Saturday before my spring break which meant I hardly had any homework to do today. I spent the day cleaning and making a pie with my brother. YUM!

It’s a strawberry lemon pie. There’s no pictures in this cookbook I found it in…a Southern Living from 1989 I think. So, I read the title and thought, “YUM! I bet you take lemon juice and zest and mix it with strawberries and yuuuummmyyyy!!! Reader, I was happily mistaken. You make a lemon curd like filling. Let me repeat. a LEMON CURD filling! and then you let that cool in the pie pan with the already baked pie crust. You already know that it’d gonna be amazing because who doesn’t like lemon curd?!?! Once it’s cool, you add a layer of pure strawberries. (no sugar needed) and then you top it off…[This is the part where it can go one of two ways. Like when you’re playing Life and the road splits you have to choose between $500,000 or a baby girl] You either follow the directions and whip some whipping cream with cream cheese, powered sugar, and coconut flakes. orrrrrrr you just whip the cream cheese with powered sugar and coconut flakes. And then when you’re serving it, you add whipped cream. This last way was the “road” my brother and I took. I’m not gonna say it was exactly planned to go off the map the way we did…we just happened to be kinda brilliant and turn our mistake into a nice little scenic U-turn, if you will. It was delicious. Personally, I think that the way that.. well, actually I don’t know which way would be best. The way we did it was hard because you have to try to spread cream cheese (which isn’t very thin and easy to spread) over strawberries which aren’t very abrasive to hold the cream cheese, but if you whip up the cream cheese in the whipping cream, then you don’t have any whipped cream to top your slice of pie with when you’re sitting at the table ready to eat. And then, because it was Pi Day, my brother came up with the ingenious idea of making a pi symbol. I enhanced the idea by suggesting we use chocolate chips. And there you have it. THE BEST PI[E].

Now, I have to add. Working with my brother in the kitchen is extremely entertaining. (So is cooking/baking with my dad, or my other little brother for that matter.) He ended up calling himself a buffoon a couple of times because he would either spill the curd on the floor and do all sorts of “buffoonish” things. It’s okay that I say that because he told me to write about it and make sure I said he considered himself one. But hey, it was a fun afternoon and I got to learn about pi and he got to learn about pie and it was great! And then…we each got to eat some PIE and that was….amazing…

Here’re the pictures of our delicious work!


Ready to make the lemon curd! (And my brother is ready to think he’s super cool) :D


Pre-baked pie crust into which you pour the lemon curd. YUM!


Let the lemon curd cool


Add the strawberries. :)


Spread the whipped cream cheese/coconut/powered sugar [optional whipped cream] on top


Sprinkle toasted coconut on top of the cream/whipped mixture.


Make it a pi




Eat up!!!


Happy Pi[e] Day!!!

Praising my infinite God and enjoying the foods He gave us!

~izzie signature


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