Hiking and Camping in the Cimarron Canyon State Park

We love the mountains and the outdoors. Hands down. We miss the views we had, and the ease of access we had to the mountains when we lived in Wyoming. However, living in an area that is mostly flat made us appreciate and be even more thankful for the opportunity we had a couple weekends ago to go hiking and camping for two nights in the Cimarron Canyon State Park, near Taos, NM. To be honest, I was genuinely surprised at the beauty and green-ness of the mountains in which we hiked and camped. I didn’t know that New Mexico could look this pretty

It was a cold morning when we woke up!
The boys playing in the creek by our campsite. 

This is how you scrape the dishes when camping. A pinecone and freezing cold water! :)

This was in our trail to our tent. Mom saw two, we saw one. 
Staring our first hike for the day-Clear Creek Trail.
Fallen trees fascinate me. 

Laura, William, and Abbey climbed a rock and posed for a picture. 

Doesn’t everyone want to put their hand in the icy cold water?

Walking over the log bridge. 
William likes to make up his own bridges. 
The beautiful waterfall at the top of the hike. 
Unfortunately, we didn’t get the boys in this shot. 
Sammy is tired after a long hike. 
I feel like there’s a story behind this…. 
We finished!

And, that was the end of the hike, and also of my picture taking because my camera was full. However, it was a wonderful time and we hope to go again. Maybe in the winter for some cross country skiing and snowshoeing?

Delighting in His majestic creation,

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