Memorial Day Weekend (and Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. And, I got Monday off. :) More importantly, the airshow was on Saturday. We went for the better part of Saturday and got some serious sunburns. And saw the Thunderbirds, and got a sunburn, and climbed inside some planes, and got a sunburn. (Moral of the story: wear sunscreen when you go to the airshow! ) But, we really did have a good time. I’m planning on uploading a couple shots of the Tbirds, but I cannot do it right now.

Abbey finished up high school and her graduation is on Friday. It was a very tearful realization and occasion. I can only imagine what her graduation will be. I will have to make sure that several boxes of tissues are scattered around the house.

On a delicious note, I made chocolate chip cookies this weekend. They were ultra amazing. I did an experiment and put in regular flour, bread flour, and white whole wheat. And then I put in brown sugar and some powdered sugar. On accident, I added both baking powder and baking soda. They were very fluffy and soft. Oh, and I got impatient and instead of waiting for the melted butter and sugar to completely cool in the dough, I added the chocolate chips so that some of the chips melted and got all nice and swirly and some of them stayed in tact. Sadly, we were out of vanilla extract, but I’m going to make them again sometime when we do have that important extract in the house.

We got so much rain this weekend that we had to cancel the s’mores party that we were planning on having Sunday night. The wood was a little damp, the cushions were damp, and the sky was grey and cloudy and it ended up raining. Hopefully, next Sunday will work better.

Yesterday was a hard day for some reason. I lost motivation to do anything, it seemed. I just felt like lying on my bed and being in a bad mood. Isn’t that wonderful? Not that you needed to know that, I’m just trying to be a real person and sometimes….sometimes I don’t feel like rejoicing always. I just want to sit on my bed and pout. That never seems to make anything better, however, and so I don’t recommend it, either for myself or for any one else.

I did, however, have a good day. I went to the BX and didn’t spend any money. I also got to watch a lecture on photography. I want to get better at taking pictures and there’s three things I need to remember when taking a picture. Composition. Subject. Light. Actually, I think that’s right, but now I’m not sure. I got the DVD lectures for my birthday. I guess my mom found it online from Great Courses and the gentleman who teaches it is actually a photographer for National Geographic. Joel Sartoe or Sartore or something like that.

Psalm 22 might be my favorite Psalm right now. It’s super amazing with the way it starts “my God, my God why have you forsaken me” and ends “He has done it” and in such a different attitude than when David began. Isn’t it amazing and puts me in such a state of amazement. The peace that God gives us is incredible and beyond human comprehension.  David starts of asking God why God has forsaken David and it ends with David declaring that all the families in Christ will gather together and proclaim the name of the Lord for “He has done it.” It’s astonishing that within a couple of moments a person can go from feeling alone and forsaken to proclaiming God’s deliverance. I think it’s tremendous and splendid. And, (say this word out loud) resplendent. God’s grace is resplendent–or shining brilliantly.

Delighting in God’s grace,



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