THUNDER[birds]&[storms] (and also since I am an English major…you know what that means..)

This title is in honour of my big little bro, William, who was making jokes about the thunderbirds and the thunderstorms. Yesterday, those famous Thunderbirds did a fly over right over our house…sadly I missed it since I’m such a busy worker. ;)

Today, my family is planning on watching the full scale rehearsal of the Thunderbirds as they prepare for their performance tomorrow. Apparently, some of the squadrons on base are having parties in their hangers while they watch the practice. My family will be watching from a parking lot somewhere, but I’m sure that it will still be a lot of fun. I will still be just sitting at a desk attempting to be helpful, and laughing at all my mistakes. It’ll be so much fun.

And then, in the middle of the night, we had a huge thunderstorm. Woke me up at 3:30 am with a bang/flash and I jumped! Then I just lay there, listening and watching as the thunder rolled right over top of my house and the lightening flashed also right over my house, it seemed. I know that a lot of seniors around here are not that excited about the rain because they are having their graduation ceremonies today. I’m happy about the rain, though. :D However, since I want to be a nice and friendly student worker, I tell the concerned seniors/incoming freshman that I hope it won’t rain for their ceremonies and parties. And, I really hope it won’t. Maybe they could get a waterproof bubble over their party area and it can rain everywhere else.

Last night, my sisters, a friend, and I went to this cute little coffee shop called Do Drop In. Abbey and Laura got coffees, my friend got a chai, and starving me got a milkshake. That was a delicious bad idea. It tasted so good, but it made my stomach hurt…but that’s what happens when I don’t drink milk for a while and then drink a milkshake. It was super good though, a vanilla milkshake…with whipped cream on top. :D

Random comment : where are the good authors of today like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Austen, Dickens, Bronte… mom and I were pondering that question last night. And then, as I sat there listening to her talk about this book she is reading, Brave New World, and how it’s actually pretty good and shows what the world would be like if everything went to its logical and God-void conclusion. She said that there was no God, Ford (yes, the car company) was God because they were the ones who created the assembly line. SCARY! I don’t want to keep writing about the novel since I’ve never read it, but anyways, I suppose that it’s a good work, even though it’s scary. But, I’d like to know where there are authors who are writing non-scary works. Although, Dickens is an author who wrote social criticisms. Maybe I’m looking for a modern Austen, then. :)

It’s a Friday everyone! :) I’m distracted and going off on tangents. I’m just going to stop with this blog post so that you won’t feel as lost and confused as I am. [Though, you should have know to expect something like this from the title of the blog ;)]

Rejoicing in God’s beautiful creation after the rain,



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