Writer’s Block and Quail

Today…and the past few days actually, I have had writer’s block. I was sitting on my bed wondering why this was, when I thought of something I read a while ago by Ann Voskamp where she said that when she reads multiple authors her writing sometimes turns into a discussion in her head between multiple authors and herself. “Maybe,” I wondered, “I’m not reading enough.” So, I picked up a book and then almost fell asleep while reading it. Apparently, not only do I have writer’s block but I am also tired. I fixed that problem by sleeping. I haven’t fixed the writer’s block problem. Yet.

But now, thinking of Ann Voskamp reminds me of counting all the gifts and blessing in your life….the little things that mean so much. My dad has also been talking about recounting God’s faithfulness, which I believe that I’ve already talked about. A few days ago, I was on my way to work (this is before I saw the snake in the middle of the road) and I saw a little quail go running across the road. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quail run across the road going from Portales to Cannon AFB. It was such a treat and it made me wonder. Maybe she was a mother running back to her little quail babies, her little chicks. Once I saw that baby quails are called cheepers, but I don’t know if that’s correct or not. It sure does sound pretty cute, though. :) A little nest with a dozen little cheeping quail chicks. And by little I mean itty-bitty. I read that when quails are born they only weigh 1/6 oz–the size of a bumblebee!!! ((http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/embryology/games/whoquail.htm) Isn’t that adorable? I feel like they’d just blow away living here. I found out that there are at least six different species of quail–the bobwhite quail, California quail, Mountain quail, Gambel’s quail, Scaled quail, and Mearn’s quail (http://www.quailforever.org/page/Quail-Species.jsp) . I think the one that I saw was the Gambel’s quail. And, now that I think about it, I believe that I saw the male quail, or cock.

My aunt and uncle who live in Colorado have quail living in the draw right below their house. We love to stand in the kitchen and watch the quail from the window as they peck around at the seeds on the ground. They are such interesting and funny looking birds. I wonder what it feels like to have a plume on your head all the time. Although, it used to be the fashion to wear headdresses with long feathers sticking up. The things we do for fashion….cheetah, zebra, snake, and leopard prints AND do up our hair like a quail. :) The fun never ends.

Praise God that He created such beautiful and diverse animals and gave us the ability to appreciate them. He is the Master Artist and Creator.

Amazed by His creatures,


P.S. I forgot to say, a hawk flew over my car this morning as I drove to work.


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