The Monday Coil and the Friday Fun

Today, I drove right by a snake…in the middle of the road. And, I got completely disgusted. I think it was a rattler, and there it was, completely coiled up in the middle of the road. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty much creeped me out for the rest of my drive down to work. (Not to mention the fact that Abbey and I thought that we might have heard a rattlesnake yesterday on a walk, but we consoled ourselves with thinking that it was a grasshopper, but now I’m honestly not sure.

Friday we had a farewell BBQ at our house for one of the chaplains on base (who happens to be our neighbor, as well.) The party started at 4:30, and I got off at 4, thinking that I’d just have enough time to make it home before the party started. Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched…. I pulled up to the base gate and there was the guard, walking out with that clipboard with the white piece of paper that I know only too well. Random inspection time. I don’t know why, but I seem to get a lot of these. Apparently, I must look very suspicious. Immediately, I started praying that God would help me get the hood up on my car. I’m not kidding; I have the hardest time trying to get that hood up! It takes me two tries, then watching my dad do it and him telling me how, and then another attempt by myself, and then finally I get it up–with one of his hands helping me. Of course, this time I was by myself (with two gate guards but they don’t count because they can’t help me.) I pull up to the gate, and the first thing the guy says is to the other guard, “Is she legal?” And there I was sitting in my car, wondering, “Is who legal? The other lady who is also having an inspection? or me? Guard number two says “Yep, she’s fine” and then guard one gives me the whole spiel of the random inspection and do I consent. Of course I consent, I don’t know what happens if you don’t, but I know it’s not good. He tells me to pull over “there,” so I do.

I park in the parking lane and can’t remember if I’m supposed to get out and open everything up, or wait for them to tell me to open everything up. I decide to wait. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re supposed to do. I get the envelope marked “reg & insur,” so glad my dad made this part of the inspection easy. Guard number two asks for my registration and insurance and ID and driver’s license. I have all of that so I hand it to him. Then, he asks me to open up all the doors and compartments and everything. “Oh boy, ” I think, “here’s the real test.” I decide to do the trunk first because I know I can do that….if I can find the button up front that pops the trunk. I pop the hood while I’m at it. Once the trunk is open, I walk around to the front of the car. I first just look at it and take a deep breath in. I hear one of the guards ask the other guard if they’re allowed to help me. Inwardly I smile, and outwardly I probably bite my lip. I know it’s a two hand job, so I slide one hand palm down in and the other one palm up. My eyes look up while my head looks down, I concentrate, feeling with my finger for the levels, and bam. It opens! I exhale a deep sigh of relief, smile and quietly say, “yes, I actually did it!” Then comes the easy part, I lift up that metal rod and put it in a hole in the roof of the hood. And, I walk away to open the other car doors like I own the world. As I start to walk away, guard number two walks up with a smirk and moves that metal rod into the correct hole. Whoops! I laugh and he smiles. So much for me being competent.

I stand waiting for the guys to finish, and guard number one asks me to stand by him; I had forgot about that. I go over and wait next to him, and he starts talking to me and asks me if I’m having a good day. I tell him yep, I just got off work. “Plus, it’s a Friday, he says. “Oh yeah, and it’s super beautiful outside! It’s great.” I reply. Guard two says it’s only his Tuesday. That’s no fun, I reply. Then guard one asks if I have any special plans for the evening. I tell him that we are having a BBQ at my house (and then think, “so please hurry up and finish so I can get home!”) Guard two finishes up, walks over and both tell me I’m good to go.

I get to the party a couple minutes late but before most anyone has arrived.

Rejoicing in His Faithfulness,



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