School is Over and the Summer has Begun

Today, I have been done with school for exactly a week. My last final was last Wednesday at 12:30. I can honestly say that while this semester had its times of ups and downs (many downs at the beginning) it ended up being a wonderful semester and I hate to say this, but I miss school. However, I now come down to school to work every day, so I guess I can’t say that I’m completely getting a break from the campus….just the academics and the classrooms that I was in all semester. This spring semester I brilliantly decided to take 18 credits–three of those credits being an online second 8-week class. I’m so thankful that it was psychology because if it had been anything harder than that, I would have lost my mind trying to get everything done in a day. But, I realized that even though I’ve never taken a psychology class in my life, it’s not really that hard (at leas, the beginning child psychology class wasn’t) and i pretty much just learned the official name for things I already knew. My other classes were much more interesting to me. I took an American Literature since the 1800s class, and that was fascinating. My professor for that class is from Iceland, and she was a very good teacher. We had great discussions about the literature that we were reading and how it related to and reflected the culture and the time at which it was written. Not being very good at remembering history, I found this class extremely helpful because I have found out that I can remember things related to literature. New best way to learn history? Through literature! …kinda…I’m reading War and Peace right now and not really finding the war parts that interesting…but hey, at least I’m reading about a war! ;) British Literature was also very interesting. In the classroom, we discussed more about the social status/moral codes/gender/landscape and then interpreted the text using one of those themes. I really like that both the English classes focused on different modes of discussing and understand literature. It was always fun to try to pull something important out of the text using the landscape (that was my favorite) as the proof. Super interesting and thought provoking! I also took Macroeconomics. What was I thinking?? Many times during the semester I really thought I was going to get the first F on my transcript. I seriously thought I would fail that class. Economics made (and sadly, still makes) no sense to me. You could teach it to me in Spanish and it would make as much sense to me as it does in English. However, (and I still don’t know why and how) I passed that class with an A! No joke, after I saw that I wanted to jump up and down and scream. However, since I was still at work, I kindly refrained from a loud and random outburst of excitement and contented myself with just breathing in quite quickly with a smile on my face. :) I took a computer class…no comment. It was fine and boring, but don’t worry guys, I now know how to use Microsoft Office 2013. Lastly, I had a math class. Math 261-Math for Educators. And, (you’ll never believe this) the teacher asked me to be the Supplement Instructor (SI) for the class. Basically, this means I’m going to tutor. I actually laughed out loud when the teacher came up to me after class and asked me if I wanted to. I’m awful at math, but I’ve figured out that I can guess correctly for her, which means that I somehow ended the semester with over 100%. :) Hopefully, I’ll continue guessing well her in classes, and I’m taking the next class up for myself in the fall. However, it shouldn’t be that hard…teaching kids math? How hard can that be? I just need to tell them that if they understand the problem, then they can have a piece of candy and if they don’t understand the topic, then no candy for them. JUST KIDDING! I’m so bad at math that when I was learning in in elementary and middle/high school, I had to have the teachers give the dumbest down version that they could think of, so now when people don’t understand what’s going on, I’m fully prepared to help them thanks to my unmathmatical self. ;) Well, that’s all for now. I figured that typing on the computer made me look extra professional and since there are currently several students here at the advising center waiting to register for classes I thought that I should look nice and professional. little do they know what I’m really doing on the computer! ;) Rejocing in the beauty of His creation, ~Isabelle


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