A Lady With a Dog

So, the beginning of this month, I declared my second major: English. It was Family and Consumer Sciences, but seeing as I was loving my English class and not doing anything FCS related, I changed it. I think that being an English major fits me very nicely, considering I woke up at 6 this morning and wrote a “plagiarized  poem” about a fly. Yes, I am being dead serious. I really did and was quite proud of it….maybe when I read it when I’m fully awake and critical, I won’t think it’s quite as amazing as I happen to think it is right now. (Note: a plagiarized poem is a poem that takes lines from other poems and combines them in a way that’s supposed to make sense…. :-D I have to write one this semester for school and we read a lot of love poetry and seduction poems so I was trying to think of what I was going to write about…who knew you could write about a fly using Shakespeare and Donne?)

Anyways, poetry aside…for this wonderful English class we were also supposed to take one of the short stories that we read this semester and make a modern day adaptation of the story. Well, my group, (which obviously consisted of me, two other girls and two guys) did an adaptation on a short story by Russian author Anton Chekhov. It’s called “The Lady with the Dog” and here’s the link: http://www.online-literature.com/wilde/1297/. If you haven’t read it; I’d recommend reading it before you watch the video. That way, you will get something profitable out of this posting.  :-)…and your literary knowledge will be slightly expanded, and you will decide that you really do love Russian authors and tomorrow you will sit down and begin reading Anna Karenina….. No, but seriously, the plot line is simple: a married girl leaves her husband and falls in love with a married man who has also started cheating on his wife. They realize they love each other and their life is finally complete and then there’s the ending. I won’t ruin it and tell you the ending. Only, I will tell you that for our adaptation, we changed the ending, so you might want to read the story so you’ll know what the right ending is…or wrong ending..depending on how you look at things. Just read the story if you want to, and watch the video if you want to, and I’ll be quiet about everything, now. :-)

Here’s the link, I hope that it will actually work.



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