Home Sweet Home

Okay so just to let you all know, I bought a Macbook today and instead of going to bed as I should be doing right now, I had to actually do something on this Pro…so I’m writing a blog. :D About my life…surprise! (I know!!) :P

Back track a little bit before I actually got home. The whole month of April was crazy–first I wasn’t staying at Covenant, then I was, then I wasn’t, then I was. period. I am staying. NO MORE CHANGING MY MIND! :) So, come fall and I’ll be back in Scot’s land on the “mountain” at 2,000 feet (yes, all you Westerners, please laugh, I call it a hill all the time, much to the frustration of my little elevation friends. Anyways, the financial aspect worked out and so yep, I’m staying. My new roommate is a girl (well duhh…) Anne Marie and she and her family work on an Indian reservation in Washington. SUPER AWESOME!!!!! She’s an admission’s ambassador so that means that we’ll have other protective students staying in our room from time to time. I’m actually super excited.

The last week of April/first week of May was a crazy week. I seriously didn’t know that I could sit and study all day long. God really did answer a prayer there. Because if you know me at all, I don’t like to sit still all day and so I had been praying that God would please give me the patience and endurance and stamina and imagination to be able to sit and study all day Tuesday and most of Monday and function on six hours of sleep per day for three days and take three exams at the end of it all. Did that make sense? Maybe I’m still recovering. :) Monday I studied most of the day and took a PE exam at two. Tuesday, I really did study all day…I was studying from 7:30 or 8 in the a.m. till 11:45 in the p.m. with some short meal breaks and also an interview. I got a job working in the library. (So now I can sit in the library and make money…sounds like a deal for me.) And then on Wednesday, I had three exams. History at 8 then study till 10:30 for an Old Testament exam, and then study until 2 for a New Testament exam. Most of my exams went very well, thanks for wondering. I got a little fuzzy on the Old Testament exam, however. I couldn’t remember if the prophet who ___ was Isaiah or Jeremiah and if Amos or Hosea was the prophet that preached about ___. Seriously, I started closing my eyes and trying to picture in my mind where the answer to the question on the test was in my study guide. I could remember the order of the prophets on my study guide sheet, so I would say to myself, “Okay, that answer is in the third section and that was on Hosea.” I don’t want to know the grade for that exam. :)

Enough about exams, it’s summertime for me. On Thursday, I packed three boxes and put them in storage and then went to the airport and caught my two flights to take me home. I’ve never been able to sleep on a flight and usually I think about my flight, but both flights I fell asleep and in the airport and while flying I felt so relaxed that I’m not sure that was safe. But, God is good and he got me to where I needed to be and both flights were amazing.

Okay so Friday. Friday I honestly didn’t do a lot. I woke up in time for our early breakfast and thought I was going to babysit for someone, but when they canceled, I decided to stay in my pjs for as long as I could. When you’re not in college and have to go eat with a bunch of other students, it’s nice to stay in pjs all morning. Just kidding. I think I stayed in them for a while while I ironed my clothes. Then I went to the store with my mom. Because I was tired, I decided to try to buy makeup. So I walked over the the Clinique counter and the saleslady was there. She tried like three or four different foundations on me before she found the one she liked. I was starting to feel bad for my poor face that was getting painted and cleaned and lotioned and massaged…anyways, so I finally had the right foundation and then she put blush on me and then I bought eyeshadow and lipstick and went to buy all my stuff and found to my horror that it was going to cost me $77.48! Yikes! But, I bought it all and went home. Feeling very fake underneath all this Barbie makeup. I went for half a day and all I could think about was the money I had spent, and how I shoudn’t have done that and how I needed to use that money to buy other things and on and on. I told my parents I had buyer’s remorse or regret big time and I didn’t like any of it anymore. They said that it was okay…so I tried to be happy with myself and the Barbie that looked back at me every time I looked in the mirror. But I just didn’t like it, so I told my dad this was ridiculous. I couldn’t have this stuff..it was too expensive. Well, my dad, BLESS HIS HEART (that’s a Southern phrase I’ve learned :P ) wrote me a check for the makeup and told me to stop worrying about it. But I couldn’t. But the fact that he was going to give me the money made me cry. What love. And it made me think about the fact that here’s my dad giving me money to buy makeup and I’m crying over that and it’s a small picture of sacrificial love. God sent His only Son to die for my sins! Sorry this is getting to be a long story (Never let me write an advertisement for your company, I’d make it way to long and wordy and therefore more expensive :P.) Anyways, I went and returned it all and felt amazing afterwards. :) and that was Friday.

The boys both had soccer games (and they both won) on Saturday!! I was so proud of them and they did such an awesome job! Then, my friend from ENMU came over for pizza dinner and we had a great time catching up and hanging out. I’m so glad that God made out paths to cross!

On Sunday we went to church and then we spent the day resting and having fun together.

Then on Monday, dad’s new boss, Ch Kenyan came over for dinner. But before he did, I made three strawberry rhubarb pies and an Italian pot roast for dinner. The roast was amazingly flavorful and delicious and so was the pie!!!! One of the pies I baked, and the other two I froze for a later time. YUMMY!!!!!

Today is Tuesday. I went to the dentist and came back cavity free like always. Then I made peanut butter cookies and crescent rolls for dinner and helped my mom make Greek tortellini salad. So far, I’d say it’s been a good break. :)

Enjoying God’s goodness and my family and home,



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