Psalm 55:22

Psalm 55: 22

            Today is Thursday and on this rainy Thursday, I went to Chattanooga Christian School (CCS) for three hours as part of my Introduction to Teaching class. Today is also my busiest day of the week. Breakfast promptly at 7 a.m., leave the dining hall at 7:10, go to CCS, come back at 11:30, grab a quick lunch, rush to class at 12, go to work (1-2:30), go to class (2:30-3:45), go to work (4-6), eat dinner, do homework, go to bed. Every Thursday has the same old schedule.

            Well,  usually I get up at 6 so that I can read my Bible and have a little quiet before the craziness of the day begins, promptly at 7 in the morning. This morning, however, was different.  My alarm went off at 6, and I opened my eyes at 6:50. And no, that’s not a typo….sadly. I jumped (quietly, so as not to arouse my sleeping roommate) out of bed, quickly got ready, and ran down the stairs to the Great Hall, in order to be there…promptly at 7. And I was…almost…it was more like 7:02. I went from class to work to class….feeling stressed and tired…(plus is was raining, so that didn’t help…) All day. Not fun.  And not very Christ-like, either….the attitude, not the rain. J

            I sat down to do my homework and decided that it would be much more productive and better if I pushed back my homework and prayed and read my Bible and devotionals. I read some from a beautiful copy of One Thousand Giftsthat my aunt gave me for Easter. Then I read in Tabletalk about how the “Lord saves us for His own glory, a glory that He wants the whole world to see” (I felt very convicted when I read that sentence.) I started my Bible reading with the next Psalm I was supposed to read—Psalm 55.

It read:

“Cast your burden on the LORD,
and He will sustain you;
He will never permit the righteous to be moved” (verse 22.)

 All the sudden, I felt a huge weight come flying off me, and I realized that even though I was stressed out with all the school work that I needed to do ( and hadn’t done) God was going to sustain me and hold me and help me through this week and the rest of the school semester. God is faithful and good and His steadfast love never ends, His compassion is new every morning (Lamentations 2:22-24.)
Sustained by His hand,

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