30….Half a Minute, or One Month

Happy late Easter, everyone. :)

I had a great Easter in Atlanta with my aunt and uncle and their six kids and my uncle’s sister, her husband and daughter. It was great to be able to spend time with family over Easter! I got to their house Thursday around dinner and then got to help with the dinner dishes…much to my cousin’s protests. ;) Then on Friday, we all went to the mall….and ya’ll this is a REAL mall with escalators and multi-level department stores and a theater and actual places to shop and buy real things and spend a long time in and get lost and have fun and…yeah… :) Anyways, I went to Old Navy (and because they were having a sale) decided that now was the perfect time to buy two dresses….I did show some self restraint and not buy three and a matching cardigan, though I came sooo close to it. I had to remind myself that a sale doesn’t mean that the dress is free and I’m attending an expensive college. :) We came home and hung out around the house and helped make dinner and cleaned. My aunt and uncle’s church had a Good Friday service; I wore my new dress and realized that standing out in the parking lot got a little bit chilly in a lightwight dress. On Saturday, some of us died Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt, some of us cooked, some cleaned, and some just stayed out of the way. I think that I was involved in all but the later of the activities….perhaps I should have been?? ;) After the Easter baking was done (hot cross buns, bread, and a lemon cake) it was time to make dinner, …the cooking/baking/cleaning never ends when there are 12 people! :) Soooooo much fun! Of course, the next day was Sunday. We got up and put on our Easter outfits, had our hot (okay, they were room temperature if you want to be precise) cross buns and drove to church. I wish I could say that that the skies were blue, but that would be a lie. They were grey. After church we headed home and heated up the ham, and made mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted butternut squash/onions/spinach/craisins, and sliced up the bread. Dinner was delicious…and dessert with the lemon cake and cheesecakes was superb, too. :D And then, today, is April 1st and it just so happens to be my cousin’s birthday. Really. :) So, my cousin’s cousin, Lauren, and I made him a carrot cake and decorated it with orange and green icing carrots and we celebrated his birthday at lunch. Then we got cleaned up and I headed back to school. Busy but wonderful weekend. 

Tomorrow marks my “thirty days until school is over” day! Yay! I’m so happy and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so ready to be done with school as I do this year. I’m, simply put, tired of school. I think I’ve been ready for the semester to be over since spring break….way back in March. I’ve written down a countdown for the end of the semester on my calendar and I’ve figured out just how many more weekends I have, and what I’ll be doing those weekends……

But then I stop and wonder if that might not be the best attitude to live in. It’s not a very “be content here and now” sort of mind set. Rather, it’s an “always looking forward” frame of mind. I know that once this semester is over, I’ll look back on it and wish that I had relished more the friendships that I cultivated and all the things I was able to experience, learn, and see. I guess that’s just my way of life, though. I’ve always been pressing on forward, even when I was a little girl. 

So, hopefully I can enjoy the remainder of the semester with a great and positive outlook and not get too worn out in doing everything. The question is, should I view the remaining 30 days as thirty seconds, almost gone? or as a whole month, just started. Both, I think have pros and cons.

Happy April everyone! I can’t believe I’m turning 19 in 20 days! Crazy stuff!

Treading in His Way,


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