Just a Quick Update on my Life as a Scot :)

Here’s the briefing from the first few days.
Saturday: Get to Cov after spending the night in Chattanooga (hereafter Chatt.)  get my keys, get all my stuff in my room, turn in all my forms, have lunch with my mom and sisters and the other transfer students, say goodbye to my mom and sistas, go to an orientation, hang out with two girls, Emily and Kate, go out to Mojo’s burritos and get ice cream, come home and go to a basketball game, then hang out with Emily and Kate and spend the night in Emily’s room with Kate.
Sunday: get breakfast with Kate, hang out until Church, go to Lookout Mnt. Pres. (I LOVED it!) get lunch, and then hang out with two other girls, Moriah and Amy, go to Target, Marshalls and Ross( bought a water filter pitcher, note cards, envelops, and hand soap), hang out in their dorms, watch TV (gasp, I’m so out of the TV world! haha I know nothing!) and then spend the night in Emily’s room with just her.
Monday: get breakfast, clean my dorm (like the bathroom-it’s all moldy so I ran out to Walmart and bought Tilex to get it off), buy my books, grab lunch, go work at a food bank for a few hours (absolutely LOVED THAT!!!!!) come back, take a library tour, then went to Walmart with Kate and Emily and Jonathan (he has a car!) got (tilex, a toothbrush cup thingy, a shower caddy, Windex, dish soap, and a sponge) then I just went to dinner and now I’m posting this :) haha I’ve been really busy! Oh man! It’s crazy! But it’s good. You know, cause if it was slow, I’d probably just be sitting in my dorm crying.
I am taking 16 credit hours and working 15 hours for work study, so PLEASE PRAY for me that I’ll be able to get all that done and do it well and be glorifying to God. Also, if you could pray that God would give me the money to come here again next semester, or that I would be happy with whatever His will is for me.
I honestly am so grateful to my God for all that He’s done for me here! I can’t imagine a better introduction to Covenant. I never thought that by the end of the first weekend I’d know so many people and have a fun time with them and just feel ultra comfortable around them!  Thanks so much for every one’s prayers!
Living in His goodness,

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