Ready, Set, Get Ready to Go, GO!

I honestly can’t believe that tomorrow is my last “full” day here in Clovis, NM! Time as flown by and I’m going to miss my family more than I can even imagine. I’m excited that the LORD seems to be truly blessing my next journey in life, everything is coming together more perfectly than I can imagine. One thing I noticed today, though, is that I always forget to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds me.

I should know this by now (that I don’t really pay very much attention to my surroundings) but I guess I just have a careless attitude towards somethings. I wish I didn’t, but I suppose that I did. I like to rush around, and hardly ever want to just stop, be quiet, listen, and watch what’s around me. I guess I don’t use my five sense very much. But today I got inspired to actually pay attention.

We (my family) decided to go hiking in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, in Texas. It took about two hours to actually get to the canyon, so I actually sat and read a book for almost two hours (I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself) :). Anyways, then once we got there, I pulled out my camera and decided that today I really was going to pay attention to at least a few things and really try to capture them as I wanted them (without being annoying to my family at the same time.) :) It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear blue, there was a slight crisp breeze, the air felt clean and refreshing, and there were lots of cacti on the ground. :) (bet you weren’t expecting that last clause.) We were on a trail called “C.C.C.” and I figured that the perfect name for the hike would be “Canyon Cactus Climb.” Never fear, none of us got poked by any prickly, green and purple cactus. haha I have this obsession with cacti in Texas…I have no idea why. Do I like them any place else? Nope? Do I act like I’ve never seen them when I’m in TX? Yep.

But I’m getting really distracted….I was paying attention to beauty…focusing on pictures…and I found the coolest “old West” picture. In the front left, the picture has a rotten piece of wood with two nails in it sticking up, bent in two different ways, on top of a piece of sheet metal, then in the middle and right there’s a group of cacti (you’d have never guessed..) fenced in by barbed wire. Shot in black and white I think the picture has a story behind it…lots of options, I wonder what I’ll eventually decide the story should be about.

I noticed little yellow dried berries, and a clump of dried red berries; I have no idea what there are, we opened it up and it didn’t smell like anything…though William thought it smelled peppery.

I also happened to notice that whoever designed the trail must not have been short, for some of the “steps” on our way back up the canyon weren’t very 5’2″ friendly. ;D But, I suppose not everyone would notice or have that problem.

So how does this relate to “getting ready to go”? Well, I can tell you in one sentence. When you’ve been around something for a while, you start taking it for granted; when you know that you’re leaving, you try to appreciate and notice everything again; when you’re gone, you realize you never knew how much you valued what you left behind. I’m in step two right now, the “appreciate and notice everything” phase. In a few days I’ll be in step three (which is NOT a fun step.) From experience I know this is true. When I move somewhere, I take lots of pictures of, say, the antelope. Once I see them every day all the time, I stop taking pictures of them. After I’m completely sick of them, I delete all the pictures I ever took of the antelopes. Now that I don’t see the anymore, yes, I actually miss them and like to pretend that the tumbleweed piled up against the barbed wire fence I walk by every morning are antelope. Long story short, don’t start taking things for granted, even musty smelling antelope (and certainly never take the Texas cacti for granted!)

Enough of my ramblings. I tried upload some pictures, but apparently, my computer has other feelings about that. :/

Walking in His beauty,



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