Joy, Joy, Joy

“…Praise we the Lord in Heaven on high…”

This week in church we lit the third candle on the Advent wreath–Joy. Last week the focus was on peace, this week the focus is on joy. To tell you the truth, I didn’t have a very joyous spirit yesterday, but then I stopped focusing on my surroundings and “drama” and looked to the manger scene and found Christ’s glory and grace and my sinfulness and cried aloud for joy!

During Christmas, it seems that joy is probably the “easiest” theme to focus on. After all, Christmas celebrations are times when family and friends gather together, exchange gifts, cook delicious food, and live out their little part of the nephew in the Christmas Carol. We forget about the bills we need to pay, the clothes that need to be folded, the rooms that need straightening, the yard that’s brown and messy, and the diets that we promise to start the day after Christmas and focus on only the “good” and the “happy” things that surround us. We count all our blessings and feel a warm glow inside ourselves. But is this “warm glow” genuine? Or is the product of the holiday festivities?

As Christians, we should feel joy all the time. NOT just when life seems to be rolling out smoothly in front of us. We should be joyous in the rocky roads. (No, not the ice cream…) During the hardest part of our day, we should turn to Christ and see His birth, life, death, and resurrection. He did that for me. He did that for you. This is true JOY.

Of course, it’s so much easier to feel happy when everything seems to be going well. But let us remember that joy is something that we can celebrate more often than just one week a year. It’s something we can have all day every day for the rest of our life!

This Christmas, I want to have a joyous spirit, don’t get me wrong, but I want this joyous spirit to be a passing spirit. This Christmas, I pray that I will ever look closer to Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior and find joy in the little things of every day life.

“Joy to the world! The Lord is come: let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room, and heav’n and nature sing,
And heav’n and nature sing, and heav’n and heav’n and nature sin.
Joy to the earth! The Savior reigns: let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains, repeat the sounding joy,
Repeat the sounding joy, repeat, repeat the sounding joy.
No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found,
Far as the curse is found, far as, far as the curse is found.
He rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations prove,
The glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love,
And wonders of His love, and wonders, wonders of His love.”

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